30 Short Teaches of ‘Linedance Steps’ for Beginners

This comprehensive series of 30 Linedance teaching videos covers 30 Beginner steps from the Grapevine through to The Cruise and is suitable for Absolute Beginners through to Higher Beginners.

  • 30 simple ONE MINUTE ‘Linedance Step’ teaches
  • Each video includes a quick review at the end of the video
  • The videos are presented in approximate order of difficulty


  • Each teach is followed by a QUICK REPEAT to aid understanding.
  • The student can simply repeat the video, for personal use, as often as required.
  • The videos can be used by an absolute beginner and/or by a dancer revising steps learnt in class.
  • A long teach is NOT provided as the short approach allows the student to decide the time spent on learning the move which is a student centred method.

Order: Lesson | Alphabetical

5 Basic Line Dance Waltz Step
25 Behind, Side, Cross
18 Brush & Scuff
11 Charleston Step
9 Chasse
19 Coaster Step
28 Cross Shuffle
30 Cruise
1 Grapevine
6 Grapevine 1/4 turn
3 Heel Strut
7 Jazz Box
12 Jazz Box 1/4 turn
14 Kick Ball Change
17 Lock Step
21 Mambo Step
24 Monterey 1/4 Turn Right
29 Nightclub Basic
2 Pivot 1/4 Turn
8 Rhumba Box
13 Rocking Chair
20 Sailor Step
27 Scissor Step
10 Shuffle
16 Toe Strut (Forward)
15 Toe Strut (Reverse)
26 Toe Switches
23 Toe, Heel, Step
4 Waltz Twinkle Step
22 Weave