All the following dances are in Microsoft Word format. To download them, just click on the dance you want. You might need to right-click on the link and choose ‘Save As…’, depending on how your computer is set up.

(These dances are also available in Word and PDF format at the Copperknob web site.)

VIDEOS: Some of the dances have videos. These are shown in the video column. To view a video just click on the number.

A - B Series

Dance Level Video Published
A – B ‘L’ Abs Beg 1
A – B Corner Abs Beg 1 Up Country, March 2006
A – B Ticket Abs Beg 1 Linedancer, December 2002
A – B Waltz Abs Beg 1
A – B Whirl Abs Beg 1 2 3 Linedancer, October 2004
El Corner Abs Beg
AB AB Abs Beg 1 Linedancer, September 2008
AB Twostep Abs Beg 1 Linedancer, April 2009
AB Rocker Abs Beg 1 2 Linedancer, August 2011
AB Waltz Too with Tanya Hawkesworth Abs Beg 1

Other Dances By Val

Dance Level Video Published
1 2 3 Waltz Abs Beg 1 Linedancer, July 2003
3 Blind Mice Abs Beg
Above And Beyond with Gaye Teather Beginner 1 2 Up Country, April 2007
Bittersweet with Val Vella Beg / Inter BWDA mag
Burning Ring Intermed
Far And Away Beg / Inter Up Country, July 2006
Heartbeat Rock Intermed BWDA mag
Lifelines with Gaye Teather Beginner 1
Lonesome Waltz Beg / Inter Up Country, July 2002
Moonstruck with Tanya Hawkesworth Easy Imp 1
Nighttime Waltz Beg / Inter BWDA mag
Outskirts Of Heaven with Tanya Hawkesworth Easy Intermed 1
Simply Cruise with Tanya Hawkesworth Beginner 1
Simply Honky Tonk Abs Beg 1 2 Linedancer, Feb 2010
Up Country, May 2010
Simply Mambo with Deana Randle Abs Beg 1 2 3 4 Up Country, June 2007
Linedancer, November 2007
Simply Nightclub Beginner 1 2 Linedancer, September 2010
Up Country, Jan 2011
Simply Rock Beginner 1 2 3 Linedancer, Feb 2003
Simply Shuffle Abs Beg 1 2 Up Country, Nov 2006
Soprano Beg / Inter BWDA mag
Urban Living Beginner 1 2 3 4 Linedancer, Oct 2005
Walk On Byeee with Pam Pyke Beginner Linedancer Fun Dances Book, Dec 2004
Woman Trouble Beginner Up Country, Feb 2006
Linedancer, May 2006
Woman Trouble (Partner Dance) adapted by Edie Ogilvie

More Stepsheets

Dance Choreographer
Blue Rose Is Unknown
Cajun Thang Jo Thompson & Rita Thompson
Country Walkin Teree Desarro
Cowboy Charleston Unknown
Cowboy Strut Unknown
Flobie Slide Flo Cook
Flyin’ Sparx Mary Kelly
Hog Wild Robert C. Weaver
Lindi Shuffle Jane Smee
Precious Time Pam Pike
Rita’s Waltz Jo Thompson
San Antone aka Birchwood Stroll John and Jeanette Sandham
Strait Talkin’ Lavinia and Mick Shann
Stroll Along Cha Cha John and Jeanette Sandham
Symphony Shuffle - see video Esther D’Arpino
The Freeze Unknown
Twist-Em Jo Thompson